Access to the system & disaster recovery

Heydoc is cloud based and optimised for mobile devices, meaning you can access your data from anywhere in the world on any device that is connected to the internet. Even in the event of a disaster (flood, fire etc..), you would still be able to access the system and all of your patients' data. You can also create and store your own backups by downloading your data directly from Heydoc.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to Heydoc at the point of login. If activated, both a password and a code generated on your smartphone would be required to login. This significantly increases the security of your Heydoc account.

Role based access

Access to Heydoc requires a password, which should be regularly updated. Only users with administrator rights are able to manage accessibility for other users within their organisation. This system administrator can assign users with limited or no access to patient data, medical records or financial information, keeping confidential information secure and accessible only to authorised users. The system administrator can also block and add users quickly and easily.

Data storage and transfer

Your data is physically stored on servers which have achieved the highest level of security certification, as used by banks and government services. Our servers are located in London, United Kingdom. Only a very limited number of authorised staff from Heydoc Limited can access these servers. Data is replicated continuously, with multiple copies stored between security centres to ensure immediate failover. Data in transfer is fully encrypted using the most secure cryptographic technologies available (256-bit level of encryption). This means that when you access your data via the internet the Heydoc server will negotiate a secure link with the end user via a process called SSL. This is the same technology used for online banking and credit card transactions and is known to be the most secure system available.