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Heydoc in 2020

Heydoc in 2020

2020 was a year no one will ever forget. It made us particularly proud to be involved with the healthcare industry and serving the thousands of clinicians and medical staff members who are helping their patients.

While running a business in the middle of a global pandemic is challenging, this was and still is an opportunity for the entire team at Heydoc to rise to the occasion and show full support to our clients. We are building Heydoc for clinicians and their staff, ultimately with the mission to improve healthcare. Here is a summary of what we’ve been up to during 2020.

March 20 - Heydoc’s video feature 100% free during Covid-19


Everyone can contribute when times are tough and sometimes this means saying no to additional revenues. We made our video feature 100% free to all our users and even expanded remote clinic capabilities to provide a full and seamless experience to clinicians and their patients.

April 20 - Launch of Heydoc’s client webinars


Customer Support is an integral part of what we offer at Heydoc because we recognise clients will be most successful if they make the best use of the system. We launched our webinar sessions to showcase new features. An additional resource for users to maximise Heydoc.

April 20 -Heydoc reached 1 million patients


As of April 2020, we empowered thousands of clinicians looking after more than 1 million patients!

July 20 - Word integration

Word Integration

Writing letters and documents in Word by securely pulling data from your Heydoc account is now possible with our Word integration. These documents are then securely stored in the patient’s Heydoc folder.

Aug 20 -Released Heydoc Connect


Heydoc launched its new Connect initiative to improve interoperability in Healthcare (HL7 integrations, public API) and enhance access to data to its clients (live data pipeline).

Oct/Nov 20 - Heydoc for outpatient groups with first integration with outpatient hospital

Outpatient Hospitals

Heydoc finalised its key features for outpatient hospital groups, marking a new milestone with regards to its target market expansion. As a result, Heydoc integrates with a leading outpatient hospital group making booking of rooms, ordering and receiving results seamless for clinicians. 

Nov 20 - Introduced the new Heydoc brand identity


Heydoc launched its new website and style, all part of the ongoing evolution of the Heydoc brand.

The value of connecting clinic workers

Discover how Heydoc helps support your Clinic goals.

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