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When is the right time to change practice management software?

When is the right time to change practice management software?

Why ‘it's not the right time’ should never be the answer…

So many times practices back out of changing their practice management software because it ‘isn’t the right time’. The time-cost of migrating data, training staff to work with a new system and learning a new workflow on top of the overwhelming demand of daily work seems like just too much, and they postpone the switch to wait for a better time when work is less hectic. 

Traditional systems leave you chasing paperwork and can hinder practice operations due to a lack of smart booking systems and transparent analytics for practice management, all of which take up valuable time in the day.  The sooner you take the leap and switch to software that is equipped to support a successful, growing practice, the better, and time will once again be on your side. 

Less paperwork, less stress, and a whole lot more time to dedicate to what really matters: the patients

Read this case study with Stacey Barnes, a private Medical Secretary, about how easy she found the switch to a new software.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day

Health professionals are busier than ever and it often feels like there simply are not enough hours in the day. From doctors seeing as many patients as possible to admin staff endlessly booking appointments, organising calendars, and sending out invoices, a practice can easily feel run off its feet. The idea of switching softwares and everything it entails would be the last brick to make the tower topple. 

Unfortunately, outdated software systems are simply not time-effective and are probably causing some of the time issues. The unreliable functionality and cumbersome processes of these softwares often eat up hours in the day that could be better spent elsewhere.

The sooner you switch software, the sooner your time will once again be your own. With a more modern, digital software, practice workflows are streamlined by a range of features such as online bookings, pre-consultation questionnaires, e-prescriptions, and billing and invoicing services.

So much data, so little time

Another common roadblock for many practices on the journey to a new system is the concern of how long it will take to migrate data across. 

In truth, the migration process depends on your current software and business workflow. Once your data has been obtained the software provider will be able to tell you how long the migration will take, taking into consideration the size of your data and any tidying up that may need doing. It is easy to transfer invoices, patient records and tasks so you can hit the ground running with the new software.

But now I have to learn a new system...

The long-term benefits of switching systems are evident, but is it worth the immediate hassle of learning how to navigate a new system and training up an entire team of staff as well? 

The good news is that modern digital systems are specifically designed to be easy to navigate and seamless to use. Some software companies, like Heydoc, also have a resource centre where you can find additional support, and a customer support service on hand should you be unsure of anything during or following the migration process.

If not now, when?

If you’ve been considering changing systems, then it’s likely that your current system may not be working for your practice. So although you might put off switching systems right now, it’s probably delaying something you will come to do in the future.

As your practice continues to grow and you take on more patients and more staff, your current system will strain more and more to meet the demands of your thriving practice. The sooner the switch to a more efficient and effective system is made, the sooner you can start to build a streamlined and seamless business that can help realise the full potential of your practice. 

So don’t hesitate a minute longer. 

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