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Why ‘it’s not the right time’ is never the right answer

Why ‘it’s not the right time’ is never the right answer

Overcome the hesitation to change practice management system

Stacey Barnes
Interview with
Stacey Barnes, Medical Secretary

Like many Med Secs in the healthcare sector, Stacey Barnes does it all. From booking to invoicing, Stacey works across multiple practices making sure all patients are getting the level of care they deserve.

For years, Stacey used an older practice management system that was already built into the practice but never actually worked well for her or her role. Both herself and her practices were constantly running into problems: software issues, major downtime, a practically non-existent Customer Service team who were continuously unresponsive, and an older system that was just far too basic. 

All these problems meant that at least half a day's worth of work was lost each week because the practice simply couldn't access the system. The software wasn’t user friendly and was far too restrictive, forcing users to adapt to a system rather than having a system that supported how the practice wanted to work.

Stacey, fed up and unable to efficiently do her job, came across Heydoc and immediately loved it.

Finding the perfect fit

When it came to moving to a new system, Stacey found that her consultant kept voicing the same concern:

“We are just too busy and don’t have the time!”

Stacey’s consultant knew they needed a new system. In fact, he was so unhappy with their previous system that he refused to use it as it was so inconvenient, leading to a duplication of work for Stacey. But to even consider moving over to something new, he wanted to see something that ticked every box. 

There was always this mindset that no new system would actually prove any better than their current one. No new system could possibly be more reliable or improve efficiency across the practice. No new system would be worth the time and energy of the switch.

As the one who would be using the tool the most, Stacey took a trial of Heydoc and saw just how much it would benefit her daily workload and that of her consultant. It was exactly what they needed and would work across the entire practice. 

“I wanted to make sure the consultant would be just as happy to use Heydoc as I was, so I brought him into the process. As soon as he saw it, he was convinced! He immediately saw that everything he needed was covered by Heydoc!”

Easing the transition

Even though they had found a system that worked for them, they still had to make sure it wouldn't be a huge, daunting project that they didn't have the time for. As Stacey progressed with Heydoc she discovered this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Moving over to Heydoc wasn’t difficult at all. It was the easiest transfer ever!”

Within a couple of weeks all patient data was transferred over to Heydoc and Stacey was up and running with a new system. And if any additional migration of data was ever needed, it would only take only a matter of minutes to set up. 

“We could have hundreds of documents linked to one patient and we can upload them all in one click… which is a dream compared to doing it individually like we had to with our old system!”

Even better, Stacey knew that the Customer Success team was always available to help out if she got stuck, something that certainly wasn’t available to her previously. She and her consultant rarely had to call them up though, as the transition proved seamless.

Saving time on everything

With a new system in place that was saving time and actually worked to improve Stacey's workflow, she could focus on things that previously just weren't possible.

“Processes are so much quicker and simpler - I’m saving time throughout the day!”

In particular, Stacey found that the automation that Heydoc allowed took out a huge amount of duplicate work from her day and did the work far faster than she could have done herself. She now had time to focus on other key areas within the practice that are directly impacting the practice's growth.

The nature of the cloud based system also meant that she could access everything while either working at home on a different device or while in the office, meaning that immediate or urgent tasks could be dealt with as and when they arose. 

Simplifying with software

Since making the transition, Stacey has found one of the biggest benefits to be the ability and ease of navigating and managing multiple different hospitals in one centralised system. With the Microsoft integration, Stacey is able to create different templates for each unique hospital, yet see everything side by side in the diary. 

“Having all the hospitals next to each other in the diary made it so much simpler to organise and manage!”

From the automated admin systems, to cloud based access, Heydoc provided everything Stacey and her consultant needed to organise their daily work load, streamlining process and mitigating unnecessary and time-consuming tasks. Choosing to switch software and not putting it off any longer was the best decision Stacey and her consultant made for not just their patients, but also themselves.

“I’m Heydoc’s biggest fan!”


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