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The Clinical System Designed for Admins

Heydoc for admins

The Clinical System designed for admins

Save time with automated billing, numerous booking features, online questionnaires and letter features, including our Word add-in.

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Bookings & appointments

  • Online booking

    Allow patients to book and pay online. Add one line of code to your website and your entire online booking system, from appointment selection to email reminders, is ready to go.

  • Appointment management

    Manage appointments, down to room levels. Easily rebook patients, manage booking enquiries and track your patient's journey.

  • Questionnaires

    Design multiple questionnaires depending on appointment types and allow your patients to fill them in online. These forms will pre-populate their files automatically.

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Medical records & consultations

  • Prescriptions

    Generate prescriptions directly from your medical notes. Manage repeat prescriptions. Share e-prescriptions directly with pharmacies.

  • Labs

    Request lab tests and get results posted directly to your patient files. No more manual uploading required. Easily share results and your comments securely with your patients.


Tasks & letters

  • Tasks

    Never lose track of outstanding tasks. Set up medical or admin reminders and allocate tasks to the right team member. View tasks by assignee, priority or status.

  • Letters

    Generate letters with the letter template tool and our Word add-in. Allow for letters to have different statuses prior to final send out. Easily pull information from the patient's record directly into a letter.


Patient communication

  • Patient dashboard

    Share notes, results, letters and other documents securely with your patients. Patients are able to access their information via Heydoc's Patient Portal.


Invoices & payments

  • Invoices

    Issue invoices to patients or a third party. Get invoices approved for insurance reimbursement and upload invoices to Xero.

  • Payments

    Easily take payments in Heydoc anytime before, during or after the consultation. Track outstanding payments. Synch with Xero.


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Heydoc for clinicians

Heydoc for clinicians

Manage your patients’ medical data, prescribe, order and receive test results, share data securely.

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Heydoc for management

Heydoc for management

Manage your clinic’s revenues and track your performance. Manage access rights and monitor activity.

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