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Our mission is to improve healthcare

We want to improve healthcare. Everything we do at Heydoc is with that very mission in mind. Enhancing operational efficiencies, speeding up medical and admin tasks, improving interoperability, streamlining patient engagement and unlocking the power of data, are just a few examples of what we do.

Helping clinical teams in redefining how they deliver care is a privilege. Innovating and contributing to a transforming healthcare industry could not be more fascinating and rewarding.


The team

We are a diverse and passionate team with experience in building companies, working in the healthcare industry and innovating through technology.

A deep interest in healthcare combined with a desire to do something meaningful was at the root of this adventure and is what brings our entire team together.

Our values



We care deeply about every aspect of our work. We understand the industry we serve and that only the best is good enough.



We pride ourselves to be always honest about what we do and how we do it. We always try to do the right thing for our company, clients, employees and community.



We are here to transform the clinic experience globally. We do this by supporting clinicians and their staff, always.



We pride ourselves to be an inclusive place of work. We cultivate our differences, we encourage open dialogues and we look after each other.

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Heydoc for clinicians

Heydoc for clinicians

Manage your patients’ medical data, prescribe, order and receive test results, share data securely.

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Heydoc for admins

Heydoc for admins

Manage schedules and appointments, raise invoices, take payments and write letters.

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Heydoc for management

Heydoc for management

Manage your clinic’s revenues and track your performance. Manage access rights and monitor activity.

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